Is being 50 the new 21?

Wednesday, 02 January 2019 by
Turning 50 last year myself , seemed quite daunting at the time however I quickly realised it was actually quite liberating. That saying many of us wish ‘If only I was 21 again but knew what I know now’ how powerful would that be! So is 50 the new 21? With so many of my

January Vouchers

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  Simply click on the images below to download a voucher, print it out and bring it with you on your next appointment to take up our offers..LW-XmasCard-Back-Print
Dermaplaning is a hot new skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz in a pain free, surprisingly relaxing way!  I use a small, sterile blade while holding the skin taut, swiping the blade in gentle upward motion. Leaving skin ultra-smooth and perfectly prepped for make-up, so it takes
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This summers brow trend has gone crazy and its about to get hotter! Regaining faith in peoples perceptions of what permanent make up actually can be, microblading is the savour to technicians like myself to showcase what we really can create from a blade, needle or BOTH!  Whatever did we all do before ‘brow design?’
The National Television Awards might be the biggest night in the TV calendar, celebrating the finest shows, presenters and actors in the business, but it’s also a night famous for its fashion, perfect make up and trended tresses. Having previously prepping some of the famous faces myself, their beauty regime spans weeks before the actual
Leading on from the trends of nude nails and matt finishes, it appears as though the mirror manicure is the latest must-have look in the industry. Mirror nails, also known as chrome nails, have captured the attention of beauty gurus the world over – the chic look created in a number of stunning shiny colours.
Whether we like it or not walking past a great make up counter has to be the biggest test any woman can have! Loving make up since I was walking and getting my first ‘girls world’ in the 80’s was the start of bigger things to come! My job as a make up artist feels

HD brows turn High Definition

Saturday, 03 December 2016 by
Winter is here but is your skin ready for it? Don’t let it suffer and become a recluse! Here’s my top tips and products to help you on your way! Treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial like Comcit by Crystal Clear (£95) to give instant hydration and stimulate collagen after all those summer rays! Regular
My biggest love is the ability to transform and make clients feel so much more confident, through the simplest of treatments- a great brow!   I am delighted to specialise in not just my regular Permanent Make Up techniques but the latest trend that has actually been around for centuries- Microblading or sometimes known as