crystal clear comcit

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation System delivering beautiful and youthful looking skin.

COMCIT is the most intensive skin rejuvenation system yet! The very latest in a rich history of award winning and industry pioneering Skincare Treatment systems from Crystal Clear, two years in development, COMCIT continues their heritage of delivering cutting edge and revolutionary treatment solutions that actually work.

COMCIT™ is: Cryo Oxygen Micro-channelling Collagen Induction Therapy. The very latest in anti-ageing technology, COMCIT ™ has 4 simultaneous modes of action is designed to stimulate collagen production. This skin rejuvenation offers instant visible results without surgery and results get better as the collagen is produced after 4-14 days.
COMCIT™ offers the simultaneous delivery of Cryo-Oxygen whilst a unique Micro-channelling Roller creates thousands of microscopic channels in the dermal epidermal junction. This allows the topical infusion of powerful skin rejuvenation ingredients to be driven into the skin alongside cold oxygen. This is the most effective skin rejuvenation system yet as we are effectively getting down to the layers where skin health begins. These are the layers we need to reach to promote new collagen growth.

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Lesley's SUPERFACIAL (inc dermaplaning or microdermabrasion) £120

H2O Glow/ COMCIT 1 session £95

Course of 5  comcit + 1 FREE = £475

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