Microblading ...also known as brow embroidery

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique which involves using a small, hand-held tool which is actually made up of very fine needles configured to deposit the pigment into the dermal layer. The micro needles implant pigment (in a colour tailored to suit you) to the brow in a 'featherlike' hair stroke technique which mimics the growth of natural hair and results in natural looking brows.


What is the difference between Machine and Microblading?

Machine method

The hairstrokes/shading are applied using a medical grade machine using the handpiece to implant the pigment with a variety of sterile needles depending on the effect required. Because of the vibrations of the machine the pigment breaks down quicker in the skin giving a softer more blurred effect, turning into more of a powdered brow. Hair strokes can be re-done on a yearly colour boost.


Brow embroidery is a similar process to conventional methods but is done using a sterile hand tool carrying a configuration of needles called a blade. By using gentle pressure, the blade glides over the skin and causes a fine cut no thicker than a paper cut implanting the carefully selected pigment into the sweet spot between the epidermis and dermis. When healed this looks just like real hair.

Because of the super fine implantation of pigment there is very little to no diffusion under the skin, leaving the hairstrokes/design looking crisper and staying truer over time.

*Skin types and aftercare can effect how true the hairstrokes remain in your skin. Oilier skin will break down the pigment quicker.

*alternative treatment now also available- NEW Nanoblading


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