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Trained to the highest level of Master Stylist, I am a big advocate of a more natural looking brow that looks softer and prettier for you. HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment I have been doing since its launch and have seen trends change over the years significantly. It’s so much more than a standard eyebrow tint and wax, creating a long term shape using a combination of tinting, waxing, threading and tweezing with existing hairs that has maybe been overgrown, overplucked or simply shaped incorrectly previously. With my experience as a brow artist and your dream brow goal, we work together to create your perfect look. I would  recommend treatments 4-6 weeks as continuity is most definitely key!

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HD Brows (the full seven-step treatment) – £30

Brow Queen Lamination – £50

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Lash Lifting is the perfect natural solution to longer looking lashes. If like me you are looking for a healthier alternative to lash extensions then this is the treatment for you. The majority of my clients don’t actually realise how long their lashes are due to the fact that they point downwards instead of lifting up and often don’t have much definition as the ends have faded or their own lashes are light. LVL is a unique system by Nouveau lashes that in just 40 mins lifts your own lashes for up to 6-8 weeks whilst also tinting them to look thicker. Perfect for holidays and also great for difficult lashes that need separating out.


LVL Enhance (includes lash tint) – £45


Regular Lash Tint – £12
NB Only available when purchasing another treatment.

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